The Fairhaven Home for Wayward Time Travelers

Book 2 - The Adventures of Serendipity Brown series

It’s open season on time travelers!

In 2662 a radical group calling themselves the Time Keepers has decided the only way to protect history from time manipulation is to kill all time travelers and eliminate Dr. Serendipity Brown, inventor of time travel. Now the self-proclaimed mad scientist, her assistant Sherman Conrad, and her Time Travel Consultant, Dr. Wendell Howe, must flee the 24th century to hide in the past. But first, they are determined to save the Temporal Anthropologists who are stranded throughout history and unaware of the danger. Will the terrorists find the refugees in their 21st-century safe house and kill them? Or will they kill each other first?

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Walking a Fine Timeline

Book 1 - The Adventures of Serendipity Brown series

Stuck in a small town in 1985, Sherman had no future, until he finds himself in the future, accidentally kidnapped to the year 2353 by Dr. Serendipity Brown, inventor of time travel. She hires him as her assistant since Sherman has the one quality Serendipity lacks: common sense. Gallivanting about in an experimental time machine, they soon find themselves stranded in the year 1851. There they run into Dr. Wendell Howe, the unobtrusive Victorian gentleman who claims to be a Temporal Anthropologist from the twenty-seventh century. Can the mechanically inept Wendell help them get back home? Will the Institute of Time Travel Enforcers find and arrest Wendell for breaking their rules if he does? Can Serendipity perfect her time machine? And hardest of all, can Sherman keep man-crazy Serendipity out of trouble?

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Ebook available for $2.99 at Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and Kobo Books 

Also available in trade paperback (6"x9") for $13.99 at Amazon.

Reviews for Walking a Fine Timeline

 The tone in this book is firmly tongue-in-cheek, and I loved every minute of it.

From the very first page, these characters are well-rounded with distinct voices and quirky in all the right ways. Plus, I immediately fell in love with all of the cheesy 1980's references and nods to geek culture...Jeanette Bennett has put to together some very fun and likable characters in this book who play off of each other’s personalities really well....Serendipity is a lot like Indiana Jones, if Indiana Jones had an unholy fascination with plastics and melmac dinnerware. Sherman plays the straight man to her mad genius, and the result is a story entirely worth picking up. I highly recommend this book if you’re looking for a fun read this weekend.

--Esther Jones - co-author of Grace Under Fire - Friday Indie Review

Enjoyable Read

Approaches time travel and consequent paradoxes in a light, humorous way that makes an enjoyable read. I particularly liked the character who "went native" in Victorian England.

--Rex Lee Applegate - Author of the Timeline Repair series - Goodreads

I Liked It!

I bought this on the strength of the Smashwords sample simply because I fell in love with Dr Serendipity Brown from the start. It is a well-written and entertaining read, with very likeable protagonists. An awful lot of research has also gone into this ...The three main characters, come to life in their different ways very effectively. The descriptions of the various eras, future technology and period attire are also all very well thought out.

--Steph Bennion - author of Hollow Moon - Goodreads Reviews

It had me hooked from page one

If you're looking for a book with love, mystery, Victoriana, time travel and fond memories of your youth in the early 80's then this is the book for you. The author weaves these themes together so well that I was hooked from page one. Looking forward to reading more books by this author!!!

--Kiwimrsmac - Amazon Reviews

This is a fun read!

Lots of zipping about back and forth in time with three wildly differing characters and an engaging plot. The viewpoint character is perhaps the least sympathetic of the trio and the fun really only takes off when the triangle is completed by the introduction to the mix of Dr. Wendell Howe, the Temporal Anthropologist specializing in the Victorian era. From that point on the book becomes hard to put down as events pile up and the pace of the writing races to the conclusion.  I'll be looking out for more!

--Steve Fagg - Goodreads Reviews